Thursday, June 19, 2008

June 12th, 2008 - Happy Birthday, Soren!!!

Happy Birthday to you,

you live in a zoo,

you look like a monkey,

and smell like one, too!

Every other year we are moving during one of the kid's birthday, nothing new, you have to improvise, preplan or postpone. We are getting better and worse everytime.

Immer wieder mal ziehen wir gerade dann um wenn eines unserer Kinder Geburtstag hat, dann muessen wir halt wie immer improvisieren, umplanen und das feiern ein bisschen hinausschieben.

Birthday Cake Dilemma - Geburtstagskuchen Dilemma

On Thursday was Soren's birthday and of course everything went different as expected. We were stuck at the new house till noon, did some work there, but mainly were busy keeping Soren of the walls which were patched up and painted at a few spots. No room was absolutely safe, because it were all the corners and doorways that needed work.

The cableguy was supposed to come by between 1 and 5 and for that we needed all the equipment here. After a long day of moving on Wednesday those didn't make it in the truck and we headed back to the old house to get them.

On the way back we wanted to pick up a small ice cream and dairy cream. Dairy cream was under repairs and doesn't sale ice cream cakes here. We were too tight on time to run to the supermarket on the other end of town so we headed home.

leland suggested to bring one home, but I don't know how well a cake survives a trip on th eback of a motorcycle in the heat. Perhabs we should have testes it.

Luckily we found a cakemix in stock that didn't require the not existing oil, so we actually baked a pound cake as first cooking experience in the new house. Bad luckonly that the electric oven bakes different as the gas one we used to have. So the cake didn't get as high after loosing some of its bottom LOL.

Soren was my little helper emptying the just filled cabinet right there.

We even had icing and candles on hand, but of course all cake decorations, food color, sprinkles, ... were not even packed up yet and so we were short handed and used Gerber Joghurt Drops for Soren's itty bitty cake. And those were picked off first. LOL

Let's hope that the cake for his party turns our better! LOL

He was not very excited about the cake and candle part until of course I turned around and he had icing smeared all over his faces.

Natuerlich geht nix wie geplant und wir standen am Donnerstag ohne Gebursttagskuchen da mitten im Umzug. Wir konnten nicht einmal einen fertig kaufen, da der eine Laden um die Ecke zu war und wir sonst keine Zeit hatten ans andere Ende des Ortes zu fahren. Somit haben wir in unserem Chaos schnell einen gebacken und mit Baby Snacks verziert, da alles andere noch im alten Haus war. Wenigstens hatten wir eine Kerze.

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  1. HAPPY BIRHTDAY SOREN! It looks like he still had a great time. I love that he has it ALL over his face, very cute!!!



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