Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Do you want to see the new house?


Sorry, most of the pictures from yesterday are from the little damages and everything I have to document for our house inspection.

But I made one with the dining room/kitchen view - LOL . Nothing special.

And I do have to show you the kitchen. I am laughing now, because do NOT expect to see a dream kitchen with all kinds of nicknacks and or extras. No, but this kitchen is TRIPLE size from what we have now and we all could be in it at the same time including the cats, Bella noticed today. That's an immense improvement.

But I do love the bathrooms. They are just NICE.

Anybody who has see this place here will totally understand what I mean.

Most of the house is still empty but we brought the first boxes over while the carpets got cleaned and I made my kids work - all off them, before they get crazy ideas. Kidding, I forgot the speakes to the computer and the sound is not very loud especially not while the carpet cleaner are at work and then we ran out of power because I didn't remember in which bag I pack the power cord.

Die meisten Fotos die ich gemacht habe vom Haus brauche ich zur Hausinspektion, aber ein paar andere habe ich mitgeknipst, so dass ihr ein bisschen was zum sehen habt.


  1. Cool Nicole having a bigger kitchen makes everything worth it! We remodeled ours to make it bigger and now I love being in my kitchen. Have fun unpacking, post some pics once you get it all decorated.

  2. Hi meine Lieben

    schoene Bilder!! Hab sie grade mit Stevie angesehn, und er kann jetzt uebrigens "Soren" sagen!!! SInd naechste Woche wieder im Lande!!
    Bis bald
    Ganz liebe Gruesse



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