Wednesday, April 6, 2011

reuse :: recycle :: upcycle

Just a little AddOn to the Disapperaing Four Patch Tutorial:

I admitted to one little mishap at the end of this post, and I really watched out which row of blocks I was cutting last night. However I mixed them up this time on purpose, because I liked the effect of my 'mishap'. I even got everything pressed but didn't see that I flipped the colors by accident on several. I guess it was kind of late. No I did not run for the seam ripper, it was 6 am this morning and my rotary cutter was still out on the counter and I just cut he second row of the block to add on to the bottom and with one more flip everything was back in order.

So truly this is one ABSOLUTELY do NOT stress about this pattern. Just do not cut through the center block you chose and everything will turn out perfectly fine.

Chiara is playing model for this little bag. After all it used to be her pair of jeans she own for less as a year, still would fit perfect. She just added it to the collection of jeans with holes on the knees. So well, I already had it on my list to make a bag for a little someone and the fabric for the lining was already picked out a  month or two ago and simply waiting. Jeans came along, movie was playing, scissors were close - ratzfatz - the legs were off. The pants. You know what I meant.

We found the lining at the local quilt store Quiltin' Country in the next town over and  in the combination with jeans  the colors should fit perfect for a 13 year old. If I can keep the bag from Chiara, because she already has an eye set on it, because it was her pair of jeans. Not going to happen girly.

Aren't the pockets cute? And I didn't even have to make them.

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