Sunday, April 10, 2011

for money and trinkets

It cost Soren a nap to get his hands on it. This was the first attempt to make a little wallet or trinket keeper for him. Since last November my mom and me were looking all over the place to find a simple little boys wallet. With no luck. I had so many in my hands in Germany, we even owned a Pooh Bear one, which got recycled a few years ago when the girls outgrew Pooh Bear. But it is impossible to find a BOY's wallet here.

So a few weeks ago, after another luckless attempt of finding one, I starting on this little project and I admit I am not overly excited about the result. That might be the reason why it took me til today to close up the last opening and add the little bit of velcro.

Soren on the other hand loves it. He loves that it snaps on his pants, if he wears jeans. And I promised him some money for the little wallet, because he insisted putting money in it instead of trinkets for now. He tried and asked for big money, but had to make due with coins. Little sneak.

Until he gets the real wallet from Oma she found, this has to be it, and perhabs someday I can figure out to make one a little neater. It was the first attempt.

You want a little garden update?

Texas has a drought again.
Not really helpful.
My shade building over the veggie plot is not beautiful.
The  cucumber plant that almost ripped and miraclously survived looks better as the ones in the veggie plot ?!?!?!

Do you have an idea want plant this might be? We have no clue even we planted it. Smart right.

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  1. Ich find der Geldbeutel ist schön geworden. Aber falls du noch nach was speziellen suchst - schau mal hier vielleicht ist ja da was dabeil



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