Sunday, April 3, 2011

one sprout

it's tempting to touch every time i walk by. it actually makes me sit down on the front potch. all the little pot with seeds. some with sprouts growing bigger and bigger. some  just planted. some no grow at all. and some BRANDNEW.  just like this grapefruit seed out one we ate. this one is special. just as special as the lemon one that is just one cm bigger. Both grown out of seeds from fruit we ate and planted. All others didn't show any growth yet. It is just plain AMAZING. amd the best part is I love how amazed my children are about everything from  collecting seeds, planting, waiting, seeing what happens and caring. My oldest even talks to the plants because they it makes them grow. Of course it does, if you believe in it and the dog doesn't interfere. 

our yard is a long way  away from being get away, but it will keep us busy to get there for a long time if we stay where we are. one step at time. And i just need to remember that the result does not always need to count but perhabs the process to get there. the way  my children enjoy and learn about nature and  recycling. They are looking so much forward to harvest this year, so please wish us some luck for a little harvest for all the effort they are putting in.

1 comment:

  1. Love the photo of the cat (on the car roof?) and love that others are watching new growth as I'm watching the winter season coming with plants and animals. The turning cycle of life....always interesting.



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