Monday, July 21, 2008

Saturday Pictures

It's Sunday, no already Monday and we have no pictures to post from today, but we took quite a few on Saturday and have a few to share with you.

The girls spent quite a bit of time outside just splashing and jumping on the trampoline until they decided that it is way to hot outside. LOL. It took them a couple hours to notice that. LOL

Soren instead was napping quite a while and I just stayed inside where the A/C is working nicely.

Later on the day we actually had to leave the house, or movies were due to bring back - I hate paying late fees - and we were out of milk. So we got our errands done, stopped at home to fill up our icebox with drinks and snacks, grabbed chairs and went to the Saddle Club horse show/games just around the corner. It is really just around the corner that I of course missed the entrance to the arena right away because it was way too close to our street. (By the time we went back home it was dark and I missed our road, too, LOL, they are seriously missing street laterns out here in the country), but eventually I will not drive past the house anymore. LOL

Chiara L O V E S horses, so she was all excited to go there, hoping to get to sit on a horse, too, of course and we spent all evening hanging out there. The kids had a blast, playing with Neva and Lorna, catching grasshoppers with Landon and thanks to Heidi and Neva did get to pat and ride on the ponies. Even Soren got to be the first time in the saddle of a real horse and loved it. Not a little bit scared, just enjoying it, having a blast and not wanting to get back down. There is our second horse crazy child now. the pictures are not going to justice on how much he enjoyed sitting on the back of the ponies. He was so happy being outside, no fussing, no crying, no whining, playing, lounging like the big once and that till late that evening.


  1. Your children are absolutely gorgeous! I think I've told you that before, but I can't say it enough! So cute :)

  2. WOW! I love your photos, especially the first one in the pool!

    Thought I'd drop in and introduce myself. I followed your link from a comment on my own blog. I'm a fellow June07 mommy.



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