Monday, July 7, 2008

Roadtrip Interrupted

That's how it looks when your car breaks down on a roadtrip in Texas. Your are stranded in the middle of nowhere.

But there were a few helpful people who stopped and tried to help us out and sheriff's deputy who stayed with us until we were back in the nearest town to the gas station with the only mechanic on duty on a Sunday. We were also in luck because we got stuck in the only spot close by with cell phone receiption and we had a full icebox with drinks and food. LOL

THANK YOU. They might never read this, but we really appreciated the help.

We we spent a few hours waiting in Llano, a small farm town, everybody was really friendly there, across the Water -N- Hole Saloon until we got picked up. Without the kids you probably would have found me inside the saloon. LOL

So our week of bad luck just started in Sunday and with the car breaking down on us we didn't get a chance to meet with Doris, Chiara'a godmother, in Sonora. We all were looking forward to see her and she went through so much trouble and effort to make it possible. We are so sorry and that did upset us more as the car.

The next day the A/C leaked in the house and damaged the floor which Leland is going to fix again,

The lawn mower broke in the evening.

The next morning, Leland dumped his motorcycle going 10 mph. Luckily a few scraps on the mototcycle and at his glove is all the got damaged. But hopefully this counts as bodily injury and was the worst part.

A bunch of little things kept happening .... just added on the disastrous week.

And now a good friend of us lost her job because she is not able to move 5 hours away as a single mom within 3 weeks to work at a different unit. Instead she is moving quite a bit further away where she has better options. - We will miss you and Soren's best buddy.

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  1. OMG!! That is horrible luck! Hope your luck turns around FAST!!



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