Thursday, May 1, 2008


We are getting ready for CHAOS also called MOVING.

We reached our maximum time limit in our living quarters (this house) and it's time to think about packing up. I guess with the army life it just became a habit to constantly move and the girls already were asking since at least 6 months. When are we moving?

The new lease is signed.

The old lease is terminated.

Boxes and wrapping paper are getting collected and step by step the house is getting sorted out. One closet or stuffed corner at a time. And the trash can filled.

Our address will be changing but mail should be forwarded when the time comes (as far as I know - packages won't - so starting june, please don't mail anything bigger as an envelope to the old address - we don't won't to miss it if somebody goes through all the effort to send us mail).

Phone numbers and email address are staying and moving with us, but it might be a question of time until the new place will be back online even that is usually Leland's priority #1. LOL

Even it is tempting to actually start packing right away, it will be chaos and boxes soon enough, especially when you knopw all of my clutter.

The best thing is all the kids are getting their own room, so we covered Soren's birthday present, too, and it's kind of normal, too, that we move on one of the kid's birthdays.

Yppee, all the baby stuff will be moving out of our bedroom. LOL. Hopefully, no more tripping of baby toys in the middle of the night if I have to get up.

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    And let me know if you need moving photo cards!!



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