Sunday, April 7, 2013

please, do it again ...

Every other day when it is cold outside or we are simply short of time Soren is bugging me with washing the car.  If Chiara is bugging me with car washing then she wants to go through the automatic carwash at the barn, however I admit I prefer Soren's bugging. Because Soren knows where our carwash buckets is and to scrup the car until it is covered in soap and that free of charge. By the time the water hose is getting turned on Brynne Bee is not far away and usually not just the car is wet, but the dog included and all the 'car washers', too, no more shower needed. Bella rather watched last Saturday while those two had a blast. Perhaps I have a chance of getting a repeat performance today again, because it is desperately needed. Again.  .... And nobody is calling it a chore.

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