Saturday, April 20, 2013

Art City Austin vs. Country Life

Last weekend the Art City Austin took place along the river in Auston on Cesar Chavez Street. We parked next to the COnvention Center and the kids already complained that they have to walk a few blocks there because it looked sooooooo far away on the map. However when we passed the Congress Plaza all whining was forgotten. On the grass and in the trees tumbled at least 10 to 20 squirrels and kept coming back and forth closer and closer. The kids and me took plebty of pictures of them, but my favorites ones are these two, even they came out blurry of the little speedy squirrel. Videotaping definitely works best for these and is hillarious, too.

We eventually arrived at the corner of 2nd Street/ Cesar Chavez and explored the arts, crafts, games and music at the Art City.

The kids testd their skills on a street game of chess. I am not sure if any of the three knows all the rules, but the mega sized chess pieces definitely were the most interetsting art to play with and i got a break in the shade.

We didn't stop at Jo's and didn't shared our food with the birds, because just a block further is  our favorite ice cream shop "Berry Austin' and for that place the kids would walk many blocks further wih just slightly complaining. :) We passed the Children's Museum and a visit there is added to our summer plans, but I automatically include the Congress Bridge, too, because we love to see the Austin's Bats again.

...and eventually we were on the way back to the country life ....

We had hot temperatures during in Austin, but it must have been pouring down north of us while we were gone and Bella kept taking pictures from the sky and the dark clouds. We stopped in between on the Highway 180 .... took pictures of two silly kids and ended up bringing a bunch of flowers home.

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